I'm a ‘buckle bunny’ – people say a cowgirl shouldn't embrace the label but they’re dying to know where my outfit's from | The Sun

DESPITE the people that pass judgment, one country lover is proud of her cowgirl persona.

Taylor Rousseau doesn't mind admitting she's a "buckle bunny" at heart, and some admire her for embracing the look.

Rather than letting critics control her life, Taylor walks to the beat of her beloved country music.

And she does so in a snazzy get-up.

The famed "buckle bunny" posted a TikTok proving she's proud of her identity, and people couldn't stop asking her where she got her outfit from.

Being a "buckle bunny" means you're someone who pursues successful rodeo cowboys.

A big buckle is a sign of a cowboy's achievements.

Therefore, "buckle bunnies" are often interpreted as gold-diggers who only chase these men for their money.

Taylor starts in a public setting wearing a shiny look.

She has a glossy red lip and a big white cowboy hat.

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The TikToker is wearing a silky red romper cut down low to reveal her cleavage.

Two long silver chains line the V-cut neck.

And Taylor accessorizes the bottom half with a cow print chain belt and oversized white fringe boots.

"Throw me in a saddle," the music sings as she nods in agreement.

"Ride 'em like cattle. Looking like Beyonce with a lasso."

Taylor stands next to a man with a bright yellow cowboy hat, a thick mustache, and a humongous buckle belt.

"For real," Taylor says.

Viewers had mixed opinions over Taylor's confidence in the video.

"So am I missing something? Cause where I’m from being called a buckle bunny is not a compliment by no means," one hater pointed out.

Another viewer warned: "Don’t go to Texas if you don’t like 'Buckle Bunnies.'"

"We need the details on this ENTIRE OUTFIT," an obsessed woman pleaded.

"I love your outfit," another agreed.

One supporter wrote: "I love it!! Hating on “buckle bunnies” always felt like pick me girl behavior!! Love the song!!"

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