Emmerdale newcomer Caleb to expose Kyle as Als killer saying this stops now

Emmerdale fans are certain that newcomer Caleb Dingle will expose the truth about Al Chapman's murder, after discovering that youngster Kyle was behind the crime.

Caleb has made waves in the village, after turning up expectedly and announcing himself as Cain Dingle's long-lost younger brother.

Cain told Caleb to stay away, but after becoming involved in the search for Kyle Dingle in tonight's episode of the soap (December 28), Caleb overheard the truth about the youngster's involvement with Al Chapman's murder.

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After being brought home safely by PC Swirling, the officer asked Moira and mum Amy: "Are you sure there's nothing else you need to tell me about Kyle? Only when we got into the car, he asked if I'd take him to the police station."

They said no, before PC Swirling continued to add that Kyle said to him: "It's his fault that his grandma has gone and his dad. Because he's a murderer. He said it wasn't Cain who shot Al Chapman, it was him."

While Moira and Amy told PC Swirling that Kyle was "making it up," the officer said the confession still had to go in the report of the incident and that it would be up to his superiors to decide whether to take any further action.

PC Swirling left, but both Moira and Amy were unaware that Caleb was still in the house, as he suddenly appeared and told them: "So now the nice policeman has gone, maybe we can start from the beginning. Tell me the truth."

He then told Moira and Amy that "this all stops now," leaving Emmerdale fans convinced that he will expose Kyle as Al Chapman's real murderer.

Taking to social media, one fan said: "I hate to admit it, however Caleb has a point stop forcing Kyle to lie because the guilt is gonna eat him up."

Another echoed: "Well hell, I agree with Caleb about Kyle. I think Moira, Amy & Cain are doing more harm than good & should come clean that Kyle killed Al & get him help."

Caleb was left reeling by the truth of Al's murder, with the newcomer telling Moira and Amy: "Kyle told him that he'd done it, not Cain. He told that copper that he shot him himself, didn't he? And he did. Of course he did. It all makes sense now."

He continued: "Cain tried to protect me the same way, all those years ago. He sacrificed himself so I could have a future. Now he's doing the same thing."

Caleb then explained that he was going to find a lawyer and ask Kyle to confess in order to let Cain come home, adding: "If you keep forcing him to live a lie, you're going to damage him even more. If you really love Kyle, you'll let him tell the truth. You think about it."

Will Moira agree to Caleb's plan? Or will Caleb expose Kyle's crime?

Whatever happens next, it is almost certain that Kyle's dad Cain will do anything to stop the truth from coming out.

After Moira begged Cain to think through Caleb's offer, Cain could be heard saying: "You can't trust him. He's got unfinished business with the past."

Is Caleb all he seems? And is his true intention to expose Kyle in order to save Cain? Or is he intent on taking revenge on the whole Dingle family? Viewers will have to wait and see.

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