I work at Lush and have the ultimate hack for making your limited edition Snow Fairy bubble bar last all year | The Sun

A LUSH employee has shared the ultimate hack to make your Snow Fairy bubble bar last all year.

Snow Fairy is an iconic candy floss scent that the cosmetic brand only puts in products at Christmas time, including bath bombs, shower gel and shampoo. 

But luckily, one Lush employee has shared how she stretches her Snow Fairy bubble bar far enough to last till next Christmas.

Sharing on the Tik Tok profile @bubblegirl666, she started by showing off a huge slab of the pink and white bar which is designed to crumble in your baths.

Her advice was that “storing Lush things well is literally the magic to keeping them best use and smelling strong for longest”.

She then chopped the bar into small pieces before pouring the pink crumbly pieces into a large glass jar.

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To keep the product fresh, the glass jar is sealed with a cork. 

However, there was so much product from the “giant” bubble bar that she couldn’t fit all of it into two glass jars. 

The Lush enthusiast captioned the video: “How much was left at the end after filling two decanters.

“Giant Snow Fairy roll is the boy. 

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She continued in the video’s subtitles: “How I store my bubble bars for freshness and maximised use as a Lush employee.”

The self-styled bubble girl added that she has used Lush products daily for years. 

Lush fans flocked to the comments to thank her for the hack, but many said they wished the Snow Fairy bubble bars were sold already crumbled.

One said: “I wish they just sold it like that to be honest.”

Another joked: “I would have just used the whole thing.

“I have no self control.”

Lush bubble bars are traditionally meant to be ran under water to create bubbles in the water stream.

But the new hack stops the bar from getting soggy and means people can distribute how many bubbles they actually want in their bath. 

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