Thousands of women slam tradie for his 'useless' sex tip

‘Clueless’ tradie slammed by thousands for his ‘useless’ sex tip he insists improves a woman’s climax: ‘This couldn’t be more wrong’

  • British tradesman Jason shared what he deemed to be a helpful sex tip 
  • To make a woman climax, Jason said to ‘talk her through it’ and to ‘trust him’ 
  • Unsurprisingly, thousands of women completely disagreed with this advice 

A ‘clueless’ tradesman has been roasted for providing an unsolicited sex tip that thousands believe is ‘completely wrong’.

British tradie Jason claimed he knew how to make women climax in bed – only to be ruthlessly slammed by those who didn’t agree with his advice.  

‘When she’s almost there, talk her through it, trust me,’ he said on TikTok.

As expected, most of women in the comments strongly disagreed with the tradie’s unwanted tip.

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British man Jason shared a sex tip in a TikTok video but was ruthlessly slammed by women in the comments. ‘When she’s almost there, talk her through it, trust me,’ he said in a video. As expected, majority of women in the comments strongly disagreed with the construction worker’s unwanted advice

‘If I was almost there and you start talking, we’re done and I’m finishing myself off without you present,’ one woman wrote.

‘Do not, I repeat, do NOT talk her through it!!! Unless she initiates the talking, you just focus on what you’re doing,’ another pleaded. 

A third remarked: ‘Absolutely NOT! Don’t talk, I’m concentrating! Just keep on doing what your doing not faster not slower.’

‘Do not talk us through it…leave us alone with our thoughts just carry on doing what you’re doing,’ another added.

Jason also captioned the video ‘Please guys’ with a praying hands emoji, despite the fact he’s not a medical expert. 

Other women urged men not to take his advice because it ‘won’t help at all’. 

‘No thanks, that’ll ruin it for me,’ one woman wrote with a laughing emoji. 

‘Literally don’t,’ another said, a third added: ‘WHAT?! No!!!! Do not do that!’

A handful of other clueless men wanted more details, while a few women supported the advice. 

‘So like, “You can do it, I believe in you”,’ one man asked, and a woman said: ‘How’d you get so smart.’ 

Another woman wanted to know who taught him to do this during sex. 

‘What woman lied to you and why do the rest of your lovers have to suffer?!’ she said.

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