Josie Gibson fights giggles on This Morning as guest makes big boob revelation

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    This Morning host Josie Gibson was close to laughter as she and co-host Craig Doyle spoke to a South African man about the Solstice.

    The man, called Dee, sat on a huge rock as he educated Josie and Craig about how South Africans would be celebrating the Solstice. He then went on to explain the rock he was sat on and it's significance.

    "This rock here is in the image of a massive woman's breast, a giant breast, with the areola and the nipple cap on top" he started.

    Dee described the rock as a "big boob" and explained how his descendants would have championed the rock for its resemblance to women and nature.

    Dee continued: "This place would've had great significance to the ancient peoples because it personified the great Earth mother, if you like and her capacity to nurture and sustain life."

    "That big boob would've been very very special and sacred to the ancient peoples," he went on.

    Meanwhile, back in the studio, Josie smirked and Craig looked visibly shocked over the mention of the "the big boob".

    Craig, who's a newcomer to the presenting gig on the ITV show, looked back and forth from Josie to the guest star as if to make sure she'd heard correctly.

    He then pointed along in agreement to what was being said about women's place in nature as a provider.

    Craig and Josie are currently covering the This Morning hosting job until Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield return on Christmas Day.

    Fans so far have enjoyed the change in format, with some calling for it to be a permanent chnage.

    "Love Craig Doyle with Josie on this morning, I prefer them to Phil and Holly", one viewer tweeted.

    A second viewer added: "Loving Josie and Craig on this morning. Let's keep them."

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