Mum admits to stealing hotel dressing gowns – and sparks outrage | The Sun

A MUM has sparked outrage online after revealing that she steals hotel dressing gowns.

Free things are one of the main perks of staying in a hotel, but there's a fine line between what's up for grabs and what isn't.

While this woman initially thought that the dressing gowns were up for grabs, she checked with other parents on Mumsnet, who were less sure.

She wrote: "Hotel bath robes, I've taken two.

"I feel guilty but I didn't take anything else. Has anyone else done this?"

No one was impressed by her admission and all said the gowns weren't up for grabs.

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One wrote: "Oh that’s bad. I’ll take most things from a hotel and even I know the robes are off limits."

A second said: "No, because that is stealing."

A third added: "They’re not a mini bottle of shampoo. Would you take pillows too? The duvet?"

While the people were right that hotel dressing gowns aren't necessarily available for people to take, a hotel worker admitted people could easily get away with it.

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According to Niamh, a housekeeper for a luxury hotel in Belfast, staff don't always notice when things go missing.

She told Sun Online Travel: “There were always signs in the hotel room that if dressing gowns were removed from the room, the guest would be charged £40.

"But when a guest simply uses a robe and it has to be laundered, we don’t make a note of which robes are missing and which ones were used.

"We have so much else to do during our shift that we don’t have the time to make a note on these things.”

However, certain hotels still expect the gowns to go missing.

According to the Daily Mail, the Goring Hotel factors the cost of their monogrammed slippers and bathrobes into the £8,500 bill for a stay in the Royal Suite.

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And these people sparked outrage with the things they have taken from hotels.

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