Brian Mays wife Anita Dobson shares health update after heart attack

Brian May on the Queen starting the 'we will rock you' song

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Queen legend Brian May was hospitalised and found to be “near death” following a heart attack in May 2020. The 75-year-old’s wife Anita Dobson, 73, candidly opened up about Brian’s heart attack on Tuesday’s instalment of Loose Women. The EastEnders icon admitted she was filled with “panic” as Brian had needed heart surgery. 

Antia was asked about her husband’s health by Loose Women veteran Janet Street-Porter. 

Janet said: “When Brian had his heart attack you accused him of over-exercising and that struck a chord with me because my third husband had a heart attack and when he laid on the ground I thought he had eaten too much Sunday lunch. 

“I went, ‘Why did you have the second Yorkshire pudding?’ 

“It wasn’t until then I realised it was quite serious,” the outspoken presenter admitted. 

Anita explained: “I didn’t accuse him, he’d just done a complete workout because he was getting fit for touring. 

“When he said, ‘I’m having a heart attack’, you know, we are all a bit melodramatic from time to time. 

“He said, ‘I think I am having a heart attack,’ but I said, ‘You’ve probably just overexerted yourself and over exercised, I’ll make you a cup of tea.'”

But Brian told Anita “it was not a tea-making moment” as he was convinced he was having a heart attack. 

Antia continued: “For those five seconds, I thought, ‘What do I do? Brandy, sugar, ambulance?’ 

“It was not until the next day we realised how bad it was as he went to the doctor, took a blood test and came back home.

“The next morning the doctor screeched round to our house and said, ‘Put him in the car, we’re going to the hospital.’ He needed three stents put in.” 

She said she was filled with “fear and panic” ahead of Brian’s operation. 

Anita recalled: “When we got to the hospital the doctor said to the surgeon that I would go in and watch.” 

She said that was never going to happen as the Loose Women panel listened to her tell the anecdote. 

Doctors discovered Brian had three arteries congested and he was in danger of blocking the supply of blood to his heart. 

They suggested he undergo open heart surgery, but he opted to have three stents put inside his heart instead. 

Brian’s operation was successful but his road to recovery was a long one. 

Loose Women panellist Charlene White said: “We are really pleased that he is on the mend and he’s doing well. 

“Anita it’s been an absolute joy to have you on, it’s been great to have you in the studio.” 

Earlier this year, Brian revealed he had been experiencing some long-lasting effects after contracting coronavirus.  

He told Radio 5 Live listeners he’d been suffering from “brownouts” following the illness. 

The Queen icon shared in May: “I have a strange persisting condition, I think it’s from the Covid, I get these kinds of ‘brownouts’. 

“Generally I’m okay, I’m not tired all the time, but I’ll get to a sudden point in the day where something inside my head goes, ‘You have to sleep now. You don’t care about any of this. Go to sleep.’” 

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV. 

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