Thug smiles outside court after axing his girlfriend's front door

Thug smiles and gives thumbs-up outside court as he faces jail for smashing his girlfriend’s front door with an AXE and setting her belongings on fire

  • William McPhee pleaded guilty South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court 
  • He axed his girlfriend’s mother’s front door after asking to see his son
  • He went back home and set fire to his girlfriend’s belongings  
  • He was released on unconditional bail until his next appearance on January 12

A thug who smashed up his girlfriend’s mother’s front door with an axe and then set ablaze to her belongings smiled and gave a thumbs-up outside court.

William McPhee, 22, was with girlfriend 19 months before he wrongly believed he’d seen intimate videos online and threatened to drive his car through her mother’s house. 

The father from Northumberland pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, arson and criminal damage at South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court and could face prison. 

McPhee, who has a previous conviction for handling a bladed article, argued with the mother of his child from Ashington on October, 7, which ended in him setting fire to some clothes and her hairdryer in their back yard.

William McPhee, 22, Northumbria pleaded guilty South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court after he and his girlfriend had an argument. His girlfriend went round to her mothers afterwards where McPhee followed 

The remains of her belongings were discovered by police when they turned up to the address him and his girlfriend share to arrest him for earlier damaging the victim’s morther’s door.

Prosecuting, Greg Flaxen, said: ‘At 6.45am the following day, her mother receives a phone call from the defendant, who requests to speak with his partner.

‘She spoke with him and, quite strangely, he accuses her of being in a pornographic video he had seen online, which she categorically refutes and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He attempted to make further contact with her at 8am and then attended the address.

‘He shouted ‘Let me see my son, if you don’t come to the door, I will drive my car through it’. There is then a loud bang at the front door and panes of glass have been smashed. The defendant gets in his vehicle and drives away.’

The court heard that the victim, who went to her mother’s with her son after their argument, viewed CCTV which showed McPhee breaking the door with an axe that he’d taken from his car. 

The police were called and, later the same day, they attended the home McPhee had been sharing with his partner where they found remains of the victim’s belongings.

When arrested, McPhee said: ‘I’m sorry, I did wrong’ and it was a ‘revenge attack’ for something McPhee claimed to have seen online and that some planning was involved.

The father threatened to drive his car through his girlfriend’s mother’s front door if he didn’t get to see his son. He then got an axe out  of his car and smashed the door. He then went back home where he and his girlfriend lives and set fire to her belongings

Graham Crouth, defending, said McPhee had been subject to a ‘descending rage’ after he’d seen videos he believed to be of his partner online. 

Mr Crouth saud: ‘He saw the videos and was convinced it was his partner. It doesn’t, however, excuse the behaviour that came afterwards but it does provide some context.’

Magistrates deemed their powers to finalise the case were insufficient and committed McPhee to Newcastle Crown Court for sentence. 

He was released on unconditional bail until his next appearance on January 12.

Chair of the bench, Keith McIntosh, said: ‘The offensive weapon and the arson are serious offences.

‘One of the offences aggravates the other. You went to the address with the intention of causing damage and you were carrying an axe. You then you took part in a revenge attack by destroying her property. 

‘It’s a domestic incident, which falls under the umbrella of domestic violence, which makes it more serious. You also have a previous conviction for carrying a bladed article.’

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