Paddy 'in worst place' as Emmerdale boss confirms when he discovers Chas' affair

Emmerdale’s boss has confirmed that Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) will discover Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) affair in time for Christmas – leading to the broken couple being left estranged and in a dark place.

Viewers have been watching with outrage as Chas continues to lie about her dalliances with now dead Al Chapman.

She has been so desperate to keep things under wraps that she was even prepared to throw Moira (Natalie J Robb) under the bus.

In upcoming scenes, she finally gives her head a wobble and realises that, actually, her cosy family set-up with Paddy and Eve is what she truly wants.

Too little, too late though – as Emmerdale is all set to then rip the couple to shreds.

‘We’ve got Paddy and Chas who are absolutely in their worst place because the affair has been discovered,’ producer Jane Hudson told

‘They are forced to spend Christmas Day together and it does not go well.’

With Eve at the heart of things crashing down around them, it seems this may be an understatement – so how on earth can they navigate this with their marriage on the rocks?

In 2023, we are also continuing things with Paddy and Chas and how you navigate being parents when your marriage is falling to pieces.

‘It’s a very serious and heart-breaking story as we watch what happens to what were one of our favourite couples until we tore them apart!’

The rest of the family won’t be faring much better, with Cain (Jeff Hordley) facing the appearance of secret brother Caleb (William Ash) while also trying to save Kyle, and Charity (Emma Atkins) on the brink of finding out that Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) betrayed her.

‘It’s explosive for the Dingles. Cain is at the heart of what’s happening, Paddy and Chas, Charity and Mack, they are really kicking off the new year,’ Jane continued.

‘The other big storyline is Cain – who’s still in prison – he will get a visit from his brother Caleb on Christmas day.

‘Will is absolutely brilliant, I think people will fall in love with him. When Caleb visits Cain in prison, we will discover that Cain knew Caleb existed.

‘On Boxing Day, we will rewind to 1992 and discover how Cain and Caleb first met, why he rejected him and what went on with Chas during that point.

‘We’ve also got Mackenzie and Charity’s wedding coming up – that’ll happen next year.

‘Weddings never go smoothly, and Chloe’s baby is due around the time of the wedding! I think you can put the pieces together yourself and figure out what might happen around the wedding – it will be explosive for Charity and Mackenzie.’

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