A Peek Inside The Lavish Lifestyle Of Kurt Cobain’s Daughter, Frances Bean Cobain

American artist, musician, and model Frances Bean Cobain had already made headlines as soon as she born due to the popularity of her parents Hole singer Courtney Love and Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain. Her parents were controversial after her birth after speculations of Love using heroin while pregnant with her daughter Frances surfaced. Since then, she’s had a very tumultuous life with numerous ups and downs.

The Emmy nominated visual artist is now living her life free from any substance since she’s been sober since 2016. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Frances Bean Cobain has a massive net worth of $200 million thanks to her father’s estate. Take a peek at the lifestyle of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter who has a sizeable amount of money.

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How Frances Accumulated Massive Net Worth

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Frances Bean Cobain was born in August 18, 1992 and is the only love child of Courtney Love and music icon Kurt Cobain. Frances had a rocky start in life as her mom admitted to using heroin while pregnant with her. She was just two weeks old when the child welfare officers took her away from her parents after Courtney claimed during her Vanity Fair interview that she was using heroin while pregnant with Frances.

Frances was able to return to her parents and lived a somewhat normal life. However, just as things are starting to stabilize, her father Kurt Cobain of the grunge rock band Nirvana took his own life when she was just two years old. Since she was the only child of the Nirvana frontman, she was the automatic heiress to his massive estate. Since Nirvana is among the bestselling rock bands of all time, Frances inherited a massive amount of money, in fact as soon as she reached 30 years old, she became entitled to a trust fund worth $200 million.

She’s also the sole owner of Kurt Cobain’s publicity rights. Initially, Courtney was the one who controls the rights but she piled up massive debt through the years. Eventually, she took a loan from Frances’ trust fund in the amount of $2.75 million loan but she was forced to give up the publicity rights to her daughter. As soon as Frances turned 18 years old, she has regularly received about $100,000 monthly for the rights, investment dividends and royalties of Kurt’s work of art.

Living Beyond Her Means From Her Early 20s

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Living with $100,000 monthly is definitely more than enough for most people; however, Frances admitted that there were times that the said amount is not enough. She sometimes overspent twice as much as the month due to her lavish lifestyle, it did not help that she is also struggling with substance abuse at the time.

Frances admitted that the way her parents lived their lives affected how she lives her life as well. It’s probably not known by Kurt Cobain fans as he lives a lavish lifestyle as well. She said in an interview with the RuPaul: What’s the Tee? Podcast, Frances told hosts RuPaul and co-host Michelle Visage that the only way to live she’s seen was to live in excessive lifestyle and living beyond one’s means.

She also admitted that she felt guilty on inheriting so much money. Frances stated that she had guilt in using the money since she only inherited such a large amount after very tragic incident. She thinks that her relationship with money is relatively different than a normal person since she did not earn it. She added that she feels that the money she’s using is from somebody that she’s never met and it feels like a loan that she will never get rid of.

After living excessively for years, she finally had an epiphany in 2016 as she decided to get better and stay sober. After years of self-destruction, she was able to properly manage her money after she was sober. She’s now living happy and sober as she even publicly celebrated her sobriety of two years in an Instagram post.

Frances’ Lifestyle After Being Sober

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Although she’s used to living her life extravagantly, she seems to have better money management skills as she deals with her finances. With the massive money she’s accumulated through the years, she was able to buy a stunning beach house for $2.3 million located in the lovely neighborhood of Point Loma in San Diego. The beach house sits on a quarter-acre of land away from the streets secured with gates and fences.

Frances’ is currently living in beach house property that features a splendid lap pool with an outdoor fire pit and an amusing playhouse. Frances’ move to the sunny shores of San Diego will do favor for her mental health. The property is modernized house that has an open concept floor plan as per Dirt.

She’s always lived sophisticatedly as prior to moving to the beach house, she used to live in Hollywood Hills. The Spanish themed property is a four-bedroom villa that had its own recording studio. She then sold the property for $2.7 million and moved to a serene life near the beach. Despite Frances’ sizeable inheritance, she chose to live in a modest property in San Diego which she seems to enjoy.

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