OnlyFans star has last laugh at exes who will see her trending on adult site

An OnlyFans model was left cackling after she found out she was trending on Pornhub – knowing her exes would end up seeing her name on the adult site.

Rebecca Goodwin, who has earned millions making adult content online decided to join the site after struggling to feed her family as a single mum.

Now the 28-year-old has been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the porn industry including Danny D and Johnny Sins and has become one of the top trending names on the popular X-rated site – Pornhub.

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But when Goodwin noticed herself trending, she was left howling at the idea her exes were going to see her face all over the site while trying to enjoy a solo session.

In a TikTok video, which has gained more than 22,000 likes on her @beckymillive account, she said: "Guys, picture this right. You're my ex-boyfriend, you've just woke up, you're in bed.

"Just stretch, you've got a little bit of a morning twang going on.

"You think 'oh, might just have a quick cheeky tug to get me through the day, so it doesn't pop up when it's least expected.'

"You go onto 'cornhub' and bam, number one trending search is your ex-girlfriend, Miss Rebecca Goodwin.

"That must be awful for you, sorry mate."

She then showed a screenshot of her name appearing under the 'Trending Searches' column on the site.

Viewers were left howling at her having the last laugh as they dubbed her "iconic."

One user said: "I envy you."

Another added: "You’ll make him cry out the wrong end."

A third commented: "HAHAHA 'sorry mate'."

A fourth wrote: "Iconic."

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The news comes after the adult star left her fans in stitches after she sought out career advice from her Amazon device as it is getting "too cold to strip off."

Rebecca Goodwin, who is known for making comedic videos about her life as a high-earning adult actress, took to the app claiming she didn't know what to do about her job.

The X-rated star, who posts as @beckymil13, had fans worried that she would quit posting on her subscription site as one worried fan wrote: "Babe, don't quit."


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