Keir Starmer blasted by GMBs Rob Rinder for avoiding ‘simple questio

GMB: Rob Rinder slams Keir Starmer for 'avoiding the question'

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On Monday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, hosts Susanna Reid and Rob Rinder spoke to Keir Starmer on the upcoming strikes set to happen in various different industries. Although the Labour leader tried to share his thoughts on whether or not he supports the anticipated nurses’ strike, the GMB host cut him off in a rage.

Talking on the ITV show, Starmer blasted the current government as he claimed over the past few months, all people have seen is them sitting on their hands and not getting involved.

Highlighting the nurse dispute, Starmer commented under the last Labour government there was no nurse strike as there was fair pay for them.

He added: “We’ve got to have a government that’s prepared to roll up its sleeves, get involved and resolve these issues.”

Reid was curious to get his thoughts on the emancipated nurse strike set to happen later this month

The GMB host asked: “Do you back the nurse’s strike? Out of all of the strikes, that might be the one that makes people most anxious.”

Starmer stated he is aware of the pressures on nurses at the moment due to his wife working in the NHS and this conversation being had regularly in their household.

He commented: “Do I want the strikes to go ahead? No, I don’t, do nurses want the strikes to go ahead? No, because of the implications of it…”

However, the MP was quickly interrupted as Rinder wasn’t impressed with how he answered the question and cut him off mid-sentence.

He blasted: “Sorry Sir Keir, that’s a politician’s answer!

“You just made a platform about people not wanting politicians, it’s a simple question that Susanna’s asked, do you support them or not?”

In a lengthy rant to Starmer, the GMB host questioned the MP on how this can be funded and what’s the answer to the issue.

Starmer told the two presenters one of the biggest issues in the NHS at the moment, which he knows first-hand, is there isn’t enough staff.

He added: “We’ve had sticking plaster after sticking plaster, nobody’s prepared to say we need a longer-term plan.

“So what we’ve said, under a Labour government, we would double the number of medical staff being trained, that costs money but we need to do it.

“The cavalry is coming because if you don’t have enough staff in the NHS you will always have these pressures bearing down.”

Starmer then mentioned when he’s asked how the party would pay for that, he’d get rid of the non-dom status.

He informed viewers this status allows the wealthy to live in the UK but not pay taxes.

Elsewhere in the interview, the MP also discussed the rail strikes as he told Reid and Rinder he wants the government to get around the table to get it sorted.

With thousands of rail workers due to stage two 48-hour strikes this month, he told the duo that nobody wants the disruption that will happen leading up to Christmas 

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am.

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