Am I Being Unreasonable star pays tribute to Daisy May Cooper

'Am I Being Unreasonable?' trailer

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This Country star Daisy May Cooper became a certified TV genius this year with her second hit series, Am I Being Unreasonable?, receiving acclaim when it aired on the BBC. Viewers already can’t wait to see what’s coming next in Daisy’s latest small-screen venture, and cast member Dustin Demri-Burns recently spoke with about his unique experience working on the series.

Dustin has praised actor and writer Daisy’s innovative new drama while fans continue to wait for news of a second season.

Daisy stars as Nic, a mother struggling to cope with the trauma of losing the love of her life, Alex (played by David Fynn), while stuck in a dissatisfying marriage with Dustin’s character Dan.

To make things more complicated, Alex was Dan’s brother, and the two were having an affair when he was killed in a horrific train accident.

Nic’s life becomes even more unpredictable when a new friend, Jen (Selin Hizli) enters the picture with dark and unexpected results.

“That was great fun,” Dustin recalled. “I went on to that after I finished [Slow Horses].

“It’s kind of a show about lots of different flawed characters. No one’s perfect, it’s all a grey area for everyone.

“And that’s always appealing. Is the husband in the wrong? Is the wife in the wrong?

“Is the friend in the wrong? Even the kid! What is he up to? Lots of twists and turns.”

The first season concluded with Nic’s relationship with Dan on the rocks after she failed to choose between him or Jen.

Finally, the truth about Alex’s death is revealed in a flashback showing Nic was actually responsible for his death after he tried to end their affair.

Daisy’s blend of uncomfortable comedy and riveting reveals assured the series was an instant hit, and Dustin was constantly impressed by the showrunner’s creativity.

“But Daisy, to go from This Country and then do something totally different – it’s very brave,” he continued.

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“She’s done it really well – and Selin, of course, who co-wrote it with her. And [director] Jonny Campbell did a very good job of piecing it all together, because it’s quite complex.

The TV mainstay admitted the series was even a match for his equally twisty thriller series Slow Horses, which is back for its second season this week.

He went on: “We talk about [Slow Horses season two] being very intricate with lots of moving pieces. That show’s crazy!

“We’d turn up going, ‘So this relates, that’s the twist?’ It was like snakes and ladders.”

When pressed on the show’s return, Dustin confirmed: “Yeah, there’s a second series being commissioned.”

While details are being kept tightly under wraps, Dustin is expected to reprise his role alongside Daisy and Selin.

Other cast members include breakout child star Lenny Rush as their son Ollie, as well as Jessica Hynes, Juliet Cowan and Karla Crome who are also likely to return.

Am I Being Unreasonable? is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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