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THE Last Leg viewers have been left gobsmacked by the show's "sick and tone deaf" parody song – and demanded Channel 4 should be "ashamed."

Aussie presenter Adam Hills led the way for the sketch show's take on Baddiel and Skinner classic Three Lions, as England began their World Cup campaign in Qatar.

After England's triumph in their first match, with a 6-2 win against Iran, Adam and the team decided to celebrate.

Yet they left fans fuming as they switched up the songs lyrics to reflect the political climate in Qatar – where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by up to three years in jail.

In addition, the area's human rights record has been called into question, including the 6,500 workers who died while constructing the World Cup stadiums.

The Last Leg team referenced Qatar's controversy in their lyrics, switching one up to say: "Its coming home, it's coming home-aphobic."


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Another lyric was tweaked to: "Cheer them all you like, but they say gay is sinning."

One suggested if Ru Paul, Alan Carr and Boy George went on holiday together they would end up as "three heads on a spike" – as they are all gay.

Fans were quick to comment on the show's World Cup Anthem for Qatar – with many left raging.

One wrote: "THIS IS SO ??? 😭"

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Another put: "The worst thing about that #TheLastLeg video (which I won’t be sharing) is that there will be LGBTQ+ youths who would have seen it on TV, maybe even with their parents, who will now be fearful of what the world will do to them when they open up."

A third then continued: "Is it OK to cross the line into extremely bad taste @adamhillscomedy? Yes comedy and satire can and should be used to make very serious points. But the comedy needs to be funny and not give sick people a jaunty new song to taunt a whole community with."

Another simply put: "This is absolutely vile.

"Singing jauntily about LGBT people being killed with ‘three heads on a spike’ is sick and so tone deaf.

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"Channel 4 and ‘The Last Leg’ should be ashamed."

Another surmised: "I understand what they were aiming for but joyfully singing about the beheading of gay men seems to have missed the point somewhat. #thelastleg."

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