I'm a 32DDD and finally found a bra that doesn't cause spillage and it comes with a comfortable band | The Sun

A WOMAN on TikTok has shared her new favorite brand of bras, claiming that they’re comfortable, look good, and have no underwire – a rarity since her bra size is 32DDD.

The video was shared by user Sienagolfs, who said that she wanted to do an unboxing video but got too excited due to how much she loved the bras.

The bras she’s reviewing are called Forlest, which sent her different models and colors for her to try out.

“I just put on the first one and I literally don't think my chest has ever looked this good in a bra," she said with a laugh.

“And there's no underwire.

“That's what's crazy about this.


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“I usually hate bras that don't have an underwire,” she explained.

“This one is holding me up, they're very soft and very comfortable," she said, turning around and showing her back and the bra’s multiple straps to the camera.

She then explained how the process of purchasing a bra from the Forlest works, and talked about their measuring system, which ensures all clients are comfortable and happy with their purchases. 

"I measured across my bust and here," she said, touching her chest and her ribs.

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Throughout the video, she tried on different bra models and wore them under a T-shirt, making it clear that she was "obsessed" with the results. 

"This is hands down one of the best bra brands.

"I love a lot of bra brands but this one is definitely up there on the list.

"I feel like this is very much a win, especially for a large bust, smaller rib cage ladies, like me,” she said.

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