My twins were two years old when they were born, it’s hard to explain to them but I try | The Sun

A WOMAN who had her twins through IVF says she tries to explain to them how they were already two years old when they were born.

The mum, who's originally from Romania but now lives in The United States, forked out $25,000 (£21,000) for IVF.

And even though it's hard for her kids to understand at such a young age, the mum says she does try to explain it all to them

She posted on her TikTok account @apreo_twins, showing how she tells her kids about how they're actually two years older than they really are – sort of.

Comparing the embryos to a chicken, the mum said she tells the twins they were frozen in the same way.

And just like she has to defrost chicken before they can eat it, the doctor had to defrost them before they could go in the 'oven', which is her stomach.


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So even though they're two-years-old, they're sort of four-years-old too, the mum revealed.

Jokingly, the she showed a clip of one of the twins falling over with a plastic bowl on her head and said: "Maybe that one was in the freezer a little too long."

She added that she plans to do IVF again in the future and so they can also have twin boys.

One viewer was baffled by the explanation, they wrote: "Is this real?"

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The mum replied, saying: "Mostly, I did IVF and this is basically the process."

If their are any left over embryos, the mum says she hopes to donate them.

"But it's crazy to know there are other kids out there that are 100 percent ours," she said.

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