Brazen bloke kisses another woman while on night out with his girlfriend

A brazen bloke was caught kissing another woman in a nightclub while he was out with his girlfriend.

In the clip, which has gained more than 1.2million likes on TikTok, the bloke, wearing a brown and white hoodie, was seen kissing a woman by the bar.

But it quickly became apparent that she wasn't the girl he came to the venue with as his girlfriend emerged from the crowd and started yelling at him.

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The understandably upset woman stormed out of the venue as the bloke sheepishly turned away from the drama.

His kissing buddy returned to her group of giggling and screaming mates, who appeared to be out on a hen night, and made gestures with her hands suggesting her "win" turned into a loss.

It was captioned: "Rule 1: Never cheat. Rule 2: If you're gonna cheat, don't do it when your s/o's in the same room as you."

TikTok users were outraged over the clip, apparently filmed in America, as they flocked to the comments to give their opinion on the incident.

One user said: "Everyone’s laughing but that poor girl, her heart must have sunk. I hope she’s ok."

Another added: "They laugh until it happens to them."

"This exact thing happened to me and as the girlfriend, it’s not funny," a third wrote.

However, others defended the girl claiming it is solely the boyfriend's fault that it happened, writing: "Why are people mad at the girl!?? She is single, going out and having a good time. It’s not her problem or fault that a dude with a girlfriend kissed her!"

Another added: "Why are all the comments stating she found it funny?!! That doesn’t seem like drunken shock to y’all?!?"

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A third added: "The fact he didn’t even attempt to chase her or anything."

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