Woman, 23, hits back at trolls as wedding announcement to 63-year-old backfires

A woman was hit with backlash after revealing her marriage to a radio DJ 40 years older than her.

Nursing student Maria Eduarda Dias, 23, began dating 63-year-old Nixon Motta when she was just 16.

The pair decided to reveal their marriage on TikTok which welcomed a lot of negative comments.

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Maria, from Brazil, said: "I'd actually imagined it would go viral, but in a positive way.

"Thought people would think 'what a beautiful love story', but that's not what happened."

One social media commented: "This is uncomfortable in so many ways."

Another wrote: "People, there's no way of normalising this.

"One thing is being 30 and having a relationship with a 60-year-old guy. But being 16? There's a name for that."

Nixon revealed he didn't expect such negative reaction either as he told people it wasn't because of his money.

He assured: "A lot of people are saying I probably am [rich] and she wants financial stability.

"There was never any self-interest on her part.

"They also commented that we probably met before she was 16. When I met her, she was 16 years and six months old.

"After meeting, we got closer, we started hanging out as friends, and we ended up hooking up at the beginning."

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Maria added: "Everything between us has always been consensual. He has never done anything that I didn't agree to.

"There has never been any such possessiveness, or forcing me to do anything, or taking me places I didn't want to go."

Nixon continued: "Our story, from the beginning until today, is beautiful. Nothing was premeditated."

But he revealed many were against their relationship at the start.

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He concluded: "Practically all of our mutual friends were against it. Few were supportive."

The couple got engaged in December 2020 and married in June last year, by which their families had accepted it.

Maria also gave birth to a daughter, Maria Alice, after Nixon reversed a vasectomy.

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