I’m a Hooters pageant girl – I was intimidated by all the other hot servers but people say I’m the cutest | The Sun

A HOOTERS GIRL has shared her experience after competing in a company-wide pageant.

Even though she felt intimidated by some of the other contestants, many people say that she was the cutest one.

Content creator Vera, also known as @verarebekka, competed in a Hooters pageant that was more than she bargained for.

The 21-year-oldusually posts videos focused on a regular day in her life working as a Hooters Girl and relatable content for her young adult audience.

In a quick video, she details how she felt competing in a Miss Hooters pageant which left her feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of girls in attendance.

In the end, she put on a brave face and did her personal best.


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Vera's video is brief but gets the point across that the experience was a whirlwind with so many beautiful women.

It begins with a pan of the crowd of women decked out in pink costumes for the competition as they relax backstage.

To further explain the chaotic scene, there is a subtitle written over the video " when you go to the hooters pageant and see 50 other hot b!tches."

Towards the end of the video, the waitress flips the camera over to show herself in a Princess Peach costume from Leg Avenue,$75, complete with a gold tiara and pink regal regalia.

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According to the black circular pin on her hip, the Florida-based Hooters Girl was contestant number 50.

Based on her video caption, "i thought there were only gonna be a couple of us," it was apparent that Vera was not expecting that high a volume of contestants when she entered the pageant.

In a comment on the initial pageant video, she wrote "It was scary but a great experience. All the girls were so loving and helpful."

It seems like she made some friends among her competitors, as shown by another behind-the-scenes TikTok video she posted.

Many viewers also commended her for participating in the food company's competition and offered their own feedback as well.

"But you’re so cute," one user wrote online.

"Love this, hooters itself absolutely not, but winning the hooters pageant is a covenant, prestigious award," one viewer commented.

"I miss doing those. they were lowkey so fun and self-esteem shattering at the same time," another shared online.

"Lol my mom did a hooters pageant before, I was in one too as they were allowed to bring their toddlers for a shoot," another added.

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