I used to work at B&M and these are the irritating things that customers used to say – plus their very cheeky request | The Sun

IF you have ever worked in retail before, you will know that it can be pretty challenging dealing with customers and their sometimes annoying requests.

Recently, we have seen more and more high street workers coming forward to spill the beans on what it’s really like to deal with customers on a daily basis.

One woman named Keeley, known on TikTok as keeley.dancex, has amassed 420.4k followers and 7.7million likes on the video sharing platform and revealed that she used to work in B&M back in 2021. 

She is now a freestyle dancer and a footballer, but has taken to social media to reveal the irritating things that customers used to always say when she worked for the popular chain.

She also revealed the cheeky request that customers would always try and get away with. 

She said: “Things I hear every day working at B&M”.

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The first thing that customers always used to say to Keeley when shopping in B&M was: “I only came in for one thing”.

The second thing that Keeley claimed customers always used to try and say when an item didn’t have a price on was: “Oh it must be free then”.

Finally, the third and highly irritating thing that customers would always say to Keeley when paying for their items in B&M was: “I left my bags in the car”.

Keeley’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up 66.7k views.

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It has 3,248 likes, 25 comments and 26 shares.

Many B&M employees rushed to the comments to agree with Keeley and share her frustration. 

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One person said: “These are all so true omg hahah”. 

Another added: “Omg stop this is so accurate”.

A third commented: “Omg literally”.

Meanwhile, many other B&M workers revealed the things that they have heard customers say that have driven them insane.

One employee noted that customers always ask: “Why’s there only one/two people on the till?”

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Whilst another claimed that customers often wondered: “Or do you have the egg chairs in?”.

As well as this, one B&M customer revealed: “Didn’t realise I was the only one saying” I only came in for one thing”, I can now never tell that joke again”. 

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