Shoppers rush to buy 99p kitchen staple that could cut energy and water bills – and it's available at Wilko and Asda | The Sun

SHOPPERS have spotted a new kitchen item that could help you cut your energy and water bills – and they're all rushing to buy it.

As the cost of living winter price hike looms and households face even more pressure, bargain hunters are looking for ways to save money.

One savvy shopper spotted that Fairy Liquid now has different ingredients, and new instructions, that could help cut household bills.

A new label has appeared on bottles that reads: “New. Brilliant in cold. Save energy.” 

Fairy also confirmed that the washing up liquid will work with cooler temperatures.

Posted in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, they wrote: "Fairy have brought out a new liquid that can be used in cool water to save people running the hot tap with the extreme energy prices …. I suppose every little helps."


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Hundreds of others agreed, many excited about the benefit of not having to worry about running their hot tap.

One person said: "Great idea, but can't believe 2022 we are afraid to wash our dishes in hot water."

While another said: I have two young babies so often forget to wash up leaving the water to go cold.

"Will defo be trying a bottle of this! Every little helps."

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And a third added: "This is a great idea!"

At Asda, a 320ml bottle of the new formula washing up liquid will set you back just 99p – this is the cheapest we could find.

While Wilko and posh supermarket Waitrose are selling bottles for £1.

At Morrisons, shoppers can get two bottles for £2 under a current offer – or one bottle for £1.50.

Tesco only sells bigger, 870ml bottles of Fairy for £3 – or 34p per ml.

And for shoppers looking for a festive scent, B&M is selling a 870ml apple spice version for £2.39.

Use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

You might find there's an even better offer out there.

Traditionally, Fairy instructions have advised customers to use washing up liquid in warm water to clean dishes effectively.

A Fairy spokesperson said: "Fairy’s upgraded formula delivers a fast activating clean from start to finish, designed to clean quickly even in cooler water temperatures.

"With Fairy’s new formula, you can wash in cooler temperatures and still get a brilliant clean."

Fairy isn't the only big brand making changes, back in February Cadbury made a major change to its packaging to encourage healthier eating.

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