Manifest season 4 boss details why tragic death had to happen

Manifest: Netflix releases trailer for season four

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WARNING – This article includes spoilers from Manifest season four

Much to fans’ relief, Manifest’s fourth season finally made its highly anticipated return to screens on Friday. Speaking on the episodes, creator Jeff Rake exposed the real reason Zeke Landon (played by Matt Long) had to die. 

After NBC cancelled Manifest, fans were able to campaign for the show to be picked up for season four. 

As the show ended on a cliffhanger, creator Jeff Rake joined in on efforts as he shopped the series to different streaming networks. 

Thankfully, all efforts paid off as Netflix revealed they had picked up Manifest for its fourth and final season. 

On Friday, fans were able to gain insight into the jaw-dropping finale when season four returned with all 10 episodes of part one.

However, episode 10 ended with a major tragedy as viewers watched the emotional scenes of Zeke’s death. 

Just when it looked as though Cal Stone (Ty Doran) had succumbed to his cancer, Zeke came to the rescue. 

He wanted to give the youngster a second chance at life and used his empathic powers to absorb Cal’s leukaemia.

Although he saved the teenager’s life, he sacrificed his own, which was a huge loss for fans, as Zeke had just married Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) at the beginning of the episode. 

Speaking on the decision to kill off Zeke, showrunner Jeff Rake stated: “Zeke made that incredibly selfless, powerful decision, that tragic decision to sacrifice himself. 

“That’s how I reached the decision that that would be how we got out of Episode 10.

“I explained to him why it was so important to the series, and he got it.”

“He’s a great sport and gave us an incredible performance,” Jeff told

During the episode, it became clear Zeke had the ability to take the pain from others and wanted to help his wife’s nephew. 

Zeke also knew Cal had to live in order to save the world as ‘The chosen one’, so he held Cal’s hand and took his pain from him.

He knew that taking Cal’s pain meant he would die and so Zeke made one last phone call to Michaela.

In an emotional scene, he told Michaela how much he loved her and that they would meet again “under the stars”.

Michaela sobbed when she realised Zeke was willing to sacrifice himself to save Cal’s life. 

Although it appeared as though he died, the midseason finale, did not show Zeke’s funeral and he was not officially pronounced dead, so he may make an unexpected return in part two.

Zeke was one of the many passengers to acquire supernatural powers after Flight 828 mysteriously disappeared for five years. 

Cal gained the ability to speak Bulgarian and could reveal details about the future, and Michaela would receive warnings about dangers ahead of time. 

Manifest season four part one is available on Netflix

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