My date stood me up – trolls say he took one look and ran because my face and body don’t match up | The Sun

SHE put together a cute outfit and arrived to see her would-be Romeo.

But much to her surprise, Nicci's date never arrived – and she quickly realised the bloke had also unmatched with her on Bumble, where the two met.

The plus size fashion lover shared the unfortunate story on TikTok.

But instead of support, the Chicago-based social media star was blasted by negative comments, with people suggesting she had catfished the fellow singleton.

''I was supposed to have a first date tonight – and he just unmatched me on Bumble.

''So I guess we're not going to get drinks anymore,'' she said in the video.

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But to make sure the efforts didn't go to complete waste, Nicci decided to show what she was wearing that day – so ''at least somebody'' would see it.

As she was explaining where each trendy garment was from, the young woman slowly walked away from the camera, revealing her curves.

''It's a cute look. His loss.''

However, cruel social media trolls thought the opposite – with many joking that it was indeed the biggest lost of the would-be Romeo's life.

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Many meanies were also convinced the bloke had showed up – but upon seeing Nicci arrive at, the date quickly left.

''He def saw her and ran,'' one wrote.

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Another horrific viewer even went as far as saying: ''Bullet dodged.''

''bro was flabbergasted,'' a third added.

Just as astonished, it seems, was a gym fanatic who filmed his reaction to Nicci's video – appearing shocked and lost for words when seeing her figure.

''This is exactly what I tell folks about face-only photos lol,'' someone else penned.

But fortunately, it wasn't all negative – loads of people flocked to comments to show support, leaving positive notes.

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''You look beautiful. His loss!'' a fan wrote.

''She looks stunning and is super sweet,'' a second agreed.

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