Princess Kate did *two* events on Tuesday a private meeting AND a phone call

Some days, I halfway admire the Princess of Wales’s commitment to being as lazy as possible. I mean, it actually does take effort to simply refuse to do anything for weeks at a time, to reject every plea and proposal to do public events. Kate’s answer is always “no.” You would think that after so many years of doing nothing, she would find it easier to give in and get off her ass and do something. She’s made laziness her personal brand and she continues to maintain the low bar of expectations. Following eighteen days with zero public events, Kate “returned to work” on Tuesday. That work was a private meeting with the Royal Foundation’s CEO and one phone call. She absolutely counts those as two different events.

The Princess of Wales has officially returned to royal duties after spending half term with her husband Prince William and their three children.

On Tuesday, Princess Kate – who is one of the patrons of the Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales – received the Chief Executive, Amanda Berry, at Windsor Castle.

The royal, 40, then spoke with the Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr David Hoyle, via telephone before holding an Early Years Meeting.

Kate has been absent from the royal scene for the past two weeks due to their children’s half-term. Her last known royal duty was on the 15th of October when, as patron of English rugby, she sent a letter of encouragement to the England Rugby League.

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Hello Mag got this from the Court Circular. They started adding sh-t like “Kate did a private meeting” and “Kate took a phone call” to her event schedule years ago because everyone in the palace knows how lazy she is and how bad it looks that she will not get off her ass. Before the week of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, Kate had done one whole public appearance in two months. After a brief flurry of activity in September, she spent most of October doing nothing, and again, she went 18 days with absolutely jacksh-t on her public or private schedule.

I also think it’s interesting that Kate’s private meetings have been happening in Windsor Castle since QEII’s passing. William and Kate were obviously desperate to move into the castle, but they’re still insisting that they’re not “moving out of Adelaide Cottage yet.” While I think it’s a good argument that they’re getting the kids settled in Adelaide, I also think that Will and Kate have already made moves to claim space in the castle. I would guess that William has probably moved in already, and Kate seems happy to host one meeting a month in one of the castle’s drawing rooms or what have you.

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