I’m an elegance coach – 4 outfit mistakes that are making you look cheap | The Sun

ONE style pro is warning women against the common fashion faux pas that could be making them look cheap.

Alexandra Croney took to TikTok to share four style mistakes that she insists can downgrade your look.

The caption of her video reads: “Style mistakes that can make you look cheap!"

The first style mistake she tells women oavoid is leaving loose threads hanging off of their clothing.

According to Alexandra, it’s important to always cut them off before leaving the house.

She demonstrates by snipping a long black thread off her jacket.

For Alexandra, jeans are also a no-no.

The TikToker says switching them out for trousers will help you maintain a more tonal appearance.

She swaps out a pair of baggy blue jeans for black trousers to pair with her blazer to illustrate the swap.

Alexandra's next tip is all about the size of your favorite sparkling accessories.

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She says: “Keep jewelry minimal [and] not too over-the-top.”

In the video, she replaces large dangling earrings with smaller studs and appears pleased with the difference.

Alexandra's fourth tip focuses on the way you choose to handle your hair.

She argues that it’s important to keep your hair neat and tidy if you want to come across as super presentable.

She ends the video by tying her long blonde hair up into a ponytail with a few strands of hair surrounding the frame of her face.

One admirer in her comment section wrote: “I wish I could pull this kind of style off.”

Another user posted: “Love your tips. Thank you!"

Several more chimed in to compliment her outfit, calling her "chic" and "gorgeous."

Some people, though, insisted they loved big jewelry and preferred some of her "before" looks.

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