Michael Douglas, 78, unveils full extent of long hair transformation

Michael Douglas, 78, continues to show off hair transformation on Paris break as he leaves café

Michael Douglas has continued to showcase his huge transformation, with many fans finding the Hollywood actor unrecognisable, due to the disappearance of his signature grey locks.

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Michael Douglas, 78, was spotted in an off-duty outfit as the Hollywood legend left Le Cafe De L’Esplanade in Paris yesterday.

The Fatal Attraction star donned a pair of beige trousers and a grey sweatshirt, while layering with a white shirt underneath.

He wore black trainers and accessorised with a pair of sunglasses balanced on his head, holding back his new long locks.

Michael sent fans wild this week as he unveiled his hair transformation, with many fans believing the star looked unrecognisable.

The Basic Instinct actor has always been regarded as something of a silver fox in recent years, however, Michael has now gone public with his dyed auburn hair.

His latest outing in France shows the full extent of his new hairdo, as on Instagram, Michael only revealed the ends of his locks, while wearing a baseball cap, but in Paris, his original greys still dominate the roots of his hairstyle.

Michael Douglas was pictured leaving a café in Paris yesterday

Michael Douglas, 78, was pictured in casual wear as he left Le Cafe De L’Esplanade in Paris yesterday. He sported a grey pull-over, along with beige trousers and a white shirt underneath.

Michael Douglas showed off his hair transformation

Michael Douglas has always been regarded as something of a silver fox in recent years, however, Michael has gone public with his dyed auburn locks after a visit to the hairdresser. The Basic Instinct star looked unrecognisable with his long auburn hair. However, he did still showcase his greys, as his sunglasses on his head held up his grey roots, leaving them on full display.

Michael Douglas is currently enjoying a trip to Paris

Michael Douglas previously showed off his new look wearing a cap, but has now unveiled the full transformation in France.

Michael Douglas’ new look may not be to stay

Michael Douglas has kept quiet over his new look, leaving it unknown whether this bold transformation will be a permanent one. However, fans were not convinced it’s here to stay and have debated whether he has done it for a movie role.

Michael Douglas’ loyal fans do not believe the auburn hair will stick around

Michael Douglas fans took to the comments of his recent Instagram post to share their distaste for the Hollywood actor’s questionable new hairstyle. LadybPeters19 commented: “Sorry Michael, the hair makes you look older not to mention the wrinkles. Go dye your hair back to grey and get a haircut.” Dkb1669 added: “Your dyed red hair looks hideous. You look good with grey hair. Hope the dyed hair was for a movie or t.v. role you’re filming.”

However, many of Michael Douglas’ loyal fans rushed to the comments to compliment the actor

Michael Douglas shared his hair transformation in view of his 1 million Instagram followers, with many fans leaving messages of support. DianeBald said: “Looking good Micky D! J’adore Paris!” Dinacardoso2578 added: “Love the natural look.”

Michael Douglas is married to fellow actress Catherine Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas has been married to Catherine Zeta Jones since 2000 and the couple share two children: Dylan, 21, and Carys, 18. Michael also has Cameron Douglas, 43, from his marriage to Diandra Luker, the daughter of an Australian diplomat.

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