I’m fat and proud – I wear my stomach as an accessory and anyone who has a problem with it must be bored | The Sun

PLUS SIZE bodies don't usually get as much love as smaller ones do.

But one woman confessed that she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her curvy figure because she knows she looks good.

Beck shared a video on her TikTok account, posing for the camera in a leopard print skirt and cropped cardigan with her stomach on show.

She captioned the clip: "As a fat woman, I proudly wear my stomach as an accessory."

The curvy fashionista hit back at haters who always have something to say about her looks.

She admitted that she's "unbothered" by cruel comments calling her "such an oinker" and other mean things.


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Becks said: "People that have a problem with it have too boring of lives so they feel the need to want control over others."

Stylish Becks often posts clips of herself proudly showing off her figure on TikTok, where people love her looks.

One viewer said: "I do the same, my favourite accessory."

In another video, she posed with her stomach out, captioning the clip: "Yup. Still fat. Still sexy."

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Other women thought Becks' self-love was pretty inspiring, one commented: "Thank you for posting this! I feel represented!"

"Love your energy, you look so cute," another quipped.

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