I work at a restaurant – here’s the thing customers say that we all hate – It makes us forget to take your order at all | The Sun

WHO doesn't love eating in a restaurant? There's nothing quite as good as not having to cook and getting to sit and chat with your mates.

But there's one thing restaurant workers are sick of and you've probably done it before.

It's no secret that working in a restaurant can be pretty stressful, so when the waiters do get around to taking your order, it's best to be prepared.

If you're anything like us, you'll have probably looked up the menu a week in advance and already decided what you're having.

But if you're not quite so eager you still shouldn't take too long to choose.

According to one waiter when diners ask for "a few more minutes" to browse the menu they often get forgotten about altogether.


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Sharing a clip on his TikTok account @thewalmart.kid, the server can be seen folding napkins when he suddenly remembers about the table that needed more time before ordering.

He then jokingly runs to the table to take the order he'd forgotten all about – but he's not the only waiter that has the same problem.

Other restaurant workers flocked to the comments agreeing, one wrote: "I'll be like I'm so bored and then BAM I remember."

A second said: "LMFAO they ruined the pace so then your forget about them!"

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"But if you go up to them too soon they get mad," another quipped.

And one worker joked: "That's when say 'sorry I was helping the kitchen staff they're very behind."

"Those are the people that mess up my routine. Not a bad thing but if there's a big table I'm trying to get your food out in a timely order," someone else commented.

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