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A TIKTOKER with big boobs revealed simple style swaps you can make so people will stop staring at your chest and the times you should avoid.

Having big boobs doesn't mean it should be impossible to wear fashionable and trendy outfits.

Janette has over one million followers on her TikTok account, @InMySeams, where she shares helpful videos to inspire women who have big boobs to keep dressing up for every occasion.

One of the videos posted to her feed starts with a text block that says: “How to look fashionable with a larger chest."

In the video, she's wearing a basic mini dress with spaghetti straps in the color black.

To make the dress a little more modest, she adds a zebra print long-sleeve top, tucked in underneath.


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Her second idea is to add a small gray cardigan made of cotton material over the spaghetti strap dress, only buttoning the top button.

Her third suggestion is to pull on a black crop top with a collar, creating the illusion of one solid dress.

Her next suggestion is to go for a classy look from the 40s or 50s with long gloves, a patterned scarf, and an over-the-shoulder trenchcoat.

The last idea she has is to wear a silky nightgown-style, long-sleeve shirt over the dress without buttoning it up all the way.

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The silky nightgown top should be tied up in the back and tucked up underneath to hide your shoulders.

A separate video from Janette reveals the difference a simple bra can make when you’re trying to pull off a gorgeous outfit.

The clip on the left shows what her cleavage looks like when she wears a cup-style bra with wires.

The clip on the right shows what her cleavage looks like in a tan-colored sports bra.

Needless to say, there’s a lot more cleavage revealed with the wire bra — and a lot more modesty with the sports bra.

For those who are trying to make people stop staring at your boobs all day, swapping wired bras with sports bras is the smartest route to take.

Someone in Janette’s comment section told her she’s the: “Patron Saint of big chested girls!"

Another person wrote: “Me taking notes for my shopping spree!"

A third person added: “These are really great tips. I’m a stylist and this is really good to keep in mind. Thank you."

Other people in Janette’s comment section mention how inspirational and lovable her fashion advice really is.

She has over 1.7 million followers who are obsessed with her style hacks, which isn't surprising at all.

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