I’m a retired cheerleader & tried my old outfits from years ago – the top was a lot smaller than I remember | The Sun

LONG after she made her high school cheerleading debut, a woman tried on the uniforms she wore to practices, games, and competitions.

She could still squeeze into both outfits, but her favorite one was a little snug.

Growing up in Kentucky, Ariel was a cheerleader all throughout school. When she graduated, her old uniforms wound up at her parents' house.

During a visit, Ariel dug through her old things and wound up trying on two of the uniforms she wore during high school.

Ariel graduated high school in 2016, and the uniforms date all the way back to her freshman year – close to a decade ago.

"This first one is from my all-star days," Ariel said, stepping back to show off the black cropped top and skirt with blue and silver accents.


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"The top is a lot smaller than I remember it being," she added. Striking a pose, Ariel got uncomfortable quickly, moving to pull down the small top.

She looked back on some old photos of herself from the uniform and confirmed she wore it to competitions in 2013.

Ariel loved the look of the uniform and called the cheer competitions her "favorite thing in the whole world."

Her next throwback outfit was a tight green one-piece dress with unique racerback straps.

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"It's not terrible, but not great," said Ariel, who called the uniform – which she wore during freshman year football season – her least favorite.

"It just wasn't the best," Ariel explained, pointing out the difficult straps.

The racerback style created a neckline similar to a halter top, which created opportunities for wardrobe malfunctions.

"You can see where we had to pin it because no sports bra looks good underneath it," Ariel revealed.

The one good factor, she said, was the one-piece silhouette was very easy to tumble in.

Commenters loved how Ariel looked in the uniforms, even if they didn't fit how she remembered.

"They are cute!" wrote an envious commenter. "I always wanted to be a cheerleader."

"Be proud you can still fit in your old uniforms," said another.

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