I made my son the best Halloween costume ever – nobody can figure out how I did it, and it cost less than £10 | The Sun

A HALLOWEEN-daft mum has left people scratching their heads after creating a spectacular invisible man costume for her son.

People have been so stumped by the elaborate get-up that some have suggested it must be fake.

But Kim Gardiner, a talented make-up artist, has revealed to the Scottish Sun exactly how she managed to create such an amazing design for her son Cole, 11.

And she did it for less than £10, picking up charity shop bargains.

The mum of three, who owns K&K Studios in Larkhall, Lanarkshire, took inspiration from an idea she found online before spending weeks coming up with her own attempt.

Kim says: “No one can figure it out.

“It makes it worth all the effort.

“It took me a couple of weeks, I nearly gave up because it’s been so confusing to make it all work.

“The t-shirt and jacket went over the cardboard – it’s just coming out a rucksack – and there are two eyeholes on the t-shirt.

“And then the trousers are two pairs, with the front pair having holes at the knees then wire around the waist.

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“I’d seen a pic on Pinterest and it had a full jacket and shirt buttoned up but I wanted it to look like his body was invisible.”

It’s not the first time Kim has gone viral for her incredible efforts at Halloween.

Last year she dressed two of her sons up as toy soldiers.

While she also had them going as Jack and Victor from Still Game before that.

She adds: “I’m a make-up artist so Halloween has always been my favourite time of the year.

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“Cole is buzzing and sending pictures to all his friends.

“This will be his last year doing Halloween as he’s at high school now but I still have two other boys thankfully.”

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