The Bastard Son and the Devil Himselfs Nathan Byrn is a rising star

The B*stard Son & The Devil: Netflix teaser

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The Bastard Son and the Devil himself has just arrived on Netflix and the series is based on the book Half Bad by Sally Green. The series follows Nathan Byrn, who is the son of Marcus Edge, an infamous witch who is known to take the lives of other witches in order to gain their powers. has all you need to know about who plays Nathan in the young adult series.

Who plays Nathan Byrn?

Nathan is introduced as a baby at the start of the series and he is taken into the care of his nan.

The youngster is looked after by The Council of Fairborn Witches, as they fear he could be a Blood Witch.

The series follows Nathan as he grows up and goes on a mission to discover who he really is.

Learning secrets about himself along the way, he feels stuck in the middle of the conflict between Blood Witches and Fairborn Witches.

Nathan is played by Jay Lycurgo, a 24-year-old actor known for his roles as Tim Drake in Titans and Paul in Cheaters.

He also appeared as a young member of the train gang in the latest Batman film, with Robert Pattinson.

His earliest credits are from 2019, when he started in an episode of Doctors, before playing a guest role in I May Destroy You.

The star is on Instagram and he has been teasing his latest venture, saying the Netflix series is “gonna be a journey”.

Sharing the trailer, he added: “So proud of this show. So excited for you guys to see this amazing story.”

He first announced the news of his role as Nathan in March 2021, sharing a selection of production images.

Praising his fellow cast and crew, he said: “I’m so happy to FINALLY announce that I will be playing Nathan Byrne alongside my Annalise and Gabriel @nadia.parkes @emilienvekemans in HALF BAD.

“This is a new eight part drama series based on the trilogy from Sally Green! Written by the incredible @joe_barton_85.

“Directed by @colzerino, Rachna Suri and @debs_paterson. IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE THIS ONE!!! We’ll see you very soon @netflix.”

Later in the year, the series was renamed The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself.

Away from the series, the actor has become more popular due to his dual DC roles in The Batman and Titans.

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He opened up about the timeline of going from The Batman to Titans and how it was not on everyone’s radar.

He told the DC website: “No, nobody knew. It was like an unspoken thing. I did The Batman a year before I even got a tape for Titans.

“So, I did that and kind of got a little buzz on social media when the trailer came out.

“And then Titans came and for a while it was like, ‘Do they know?’

“I don’t even know if I actually ever said anything to our producer Greg Walker. I still don’t even know if he knows. Greg, if you don’t know already, I’m in Batman.”

The star is now reprising his role for Titans season four as the third Robin in the DC Universe.

You star James Scully has landed a recurring role with some believing he could be playing Robin’s potential boyfriend.

According to TV Insider, he will play Bernard, a high-level scientist who deals with big personalities and is the Director of Special Projects at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Titans may be getting an even bigger following once viewers have seen the star in The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself.

The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself is on Netflix now.

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