Strictlys Fleur East causes stir by switching partners with co-star

Strictly: Fleur East reacts to talk she's been 'under marked'

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The two Strictly Come Dancing couples are preparing for the Halloween edition of the show this weekend. However, in rehearsals, Fleur East and Molly Rainford swapped professional partners, and got into a heated debate during their lunch break.

Vito, 30, often thrills his Instagram followers with behind-the-scenes footage from Strictly. 

Recently, the notorious prankster has taken to scaring his celebrity partner Fleur, 34. 

In one story, the Italian dancer runs behind each corner of the Strictly rehearsal studio and jumps out at Fleur every time. 

The singer evidently had enough, as Vito claimed “It’s Halloween week!”

She retorted: “This isn’t just Halloween week this is you every day. 

“Everyday you’re a nightmare.”

The very next video on Vito’s Instagram story showed the couple practicing alongside their competitors Molly, 21, and Carlos, 28.

But, in an unexpected twist, fans were treated to seeing Fleur and Carlos taking over the dance floor without their assigned dance partners. 

As Molly and Vito stood to the side, the Italian angrily repeated: “Look at us, now look at them” until Fleur and Carlos took notice. 

Realising they were being filmed, the twosome made their way over to Molly and Vito, as Carlos indicated Fleur was now his partner.  

Carlos proclaimed: “I can’t wait to show our dance. 

“Our dance is called improvisation dance. It’s exciting guys!”

An unsure Molly simply replied, “hmm scary”.

The two couples seemed to get over their differences quickly, and teamed up together for a delightful Instagram reel. 

Set to the tune of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, the four contestants dedicated their small group dance to coffee. 

While the two ladies danced holding mugs, the lads seemed to opt for milk jugs instead. 

Vitto captioned the post: “Had a quick coffee break with these guys today, the dancing never stops.”

Fans were also treated to a cheeky moment from the dancer, as he pulled his shirt over his head for the last few seconds of the dance. 

Also on their “coffee break”, the quartet debated whether Carlos would be singing alongside Molly and Fleur in the future. 

Molly admitted her dance partner can hold a tune, but refused to let him “be your backup singer”. 

As Vito candidly filmed the conversation, Fleur said she would be more than happy to share the stage with him “anytime”. 

Carlos asked if “me and Vito” could perform, which Fleur agreed to with some conditions: “You and Vito can do backup vocals and I’ll just turn your microphones off.”

Both couples are still in the running for the Glitterball as Strictly Comes Dancing continues on Saturday evening on BBC One. 

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