Mama, I Made It: These Celebs Share Their ‘Big Break’ Career Stories

Picture this:

It’s 1986, you’re a student of the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, and are out window-shopping. Out of nowhere, a woman approaches and asks, “have you ever thought about modeling?” From there, a you’re whisked away on a runway to walk for one of the biggest designers in the world, just before your 16th birthday.

That’s what happened Naomi Campbell. Thank God she answered “yes” to that woman’s question, who so happened to be Beth Boldt, head of the Synchro Model Agency.

While a life-changing encounter like this is few and far between, everyone has an interesting “big-break” story to tell (from a dream job interview to an acceptance letter from your first-choice school), and we want are more susceptible to listen to them if they’re coming from a celebrity.

While a “big break” can sound far-fetched, they do happen, and incredibly inspiring to learn about. From Lupita Nyong’o to Octavia Spencer, here are some stories from our favorites that attest to the adage, “you never know where tomorrow will take you.”

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