Kylie Jenner “Cried Nonstop All Day” for Three Weeks After the Birth of Her Baby Boy

Kylie also reassured her older sister that she’s been doing better. “After about six weeks, I started to feel better, but I definitely had the case of the blues,” she said, adding that she hasn’t been “crying every day, so that’s great.”

Despite the mental struggles of her postpartum experience, Kylie admitted that she’s nonetheless embracing this new chapter of her life. “I don’t have bad days with my body, I have bad days mentally, and I need my first night out,” she said. “I’m feeling, like, really good about my body. I’ve seen my body, and I’m, like, I love my body … my saggy tits and … I’m embracing my PP body … postpartum.”

Kylie previously opened up to fans about her postpartum issues shortly after giving birth to her son.

Back in March, she posted a video of herself to her Instagram Story, in which she detailed the ways she’s been dealing with postpartum symptoms. “I just want to say to my postpartum moms that postpartum has not been easy. It’s not been easy, it’s very hard,” she said at the time. “This experience for me, personally, has been a little harder than with my daughter.”

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