Indiana School Board Candidate Says Not All Nazis Were Bad

A guy running for a seat on a local Indiana school board might just be out — suggesting some Nazis were good dudes … and comparing them to misunderstood anti-vaxxers of today.

Dr. Matt Keefer, who’s in the hunt for a Zionsville Community Schools Board of Trustees post, made the inflammatory comment on Facebook this week while apparently going back and forth with someone about Nazis … only to then defend said Nazis.

He wrote, “All Nazis weren’t ‘bad,’ as you specify. They did horrible things. They were in a group frenzy in both cases you site (sic). Who is to say if we were both there in the same place and same time, that we wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

Keefer went on to say Nazis were victims of “presentism” — judging old acts by today’s standards — and said maybe one day … we’d look back at Covid differently, specifically when it comes to folks who threw such a fit about it during the pandemic.

He finishes by saying … “History is written by the victors. No other candidate will talk about the issues like I will.” Later, after a ton of backlash, Keefer doubled down in his sentiment that not all Nazis were bad — but in the same breath, denied being a Nazi sympathizer.

Sounds pretty Kanye-ish — making one wonder if the guy’s emboldened anti-Semites.

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