Emmerdale star open to revisiting Jacob and Maya story: 'It could happen'

Joe-Warren Plant has been playing Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale for 12 years, and in that time has been involved in many different storylines.

Perhaps the most infamous of those was the storyline that saw him groomed by teacher Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein).

It was a very important story that Joe-Warren told Metro.co.uk that he was honoured to have been trusted with the topic.

‘The first time I got called up into the office about the Maya and Jacob storyline, to know that the producers trust me with a storyline like that is a feeling that you can’t explain.

‘Emmerdale was my first ever job and I’ve learned everything from my colleagues there for the last 12 years. To know that I’ve got to a level where they know I can handle something of that calibre, it’s really reassuring and helps me strive and do more so I’m really thankful to every producer and every storyline I’ve had.

‘I think it got a lot of people talking and that’s what we do at Emmerdale, that’s what our goal is, to raise awareness for storylines like that.’

Having seen the reaction to the story, Joe-Warren is willing to revisit the story again.

‘I’d love to do something like that again. Whether it’s with Maya or not, who knows. It could happen in the future.’

Having spent half of his life on the show, Joe-Warren is thrilled to be where he is now.

‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in Emmerdale for sure. To be part of such a huge milestone for the soap is an incredible achievement and I’m happy to be there.’

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