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SCHOOL uniforms are expensive there are no two ways about it.

So anything we can do you get more wear out of them could be a game-changer for cash-strapped parents.

And with kids of their own to look after and an expensive household to run, these savvy mums have found budget ways to make school uniforms last.

So whether it's a worn and torn shirt or stain-riddled dresses, here are some clever ways to make school uniforms last.

Get creative with DIY repairs

Transform trousers

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If battered trouser knees are an issue, or if your child has grown out of them, there's no need to throw them out just yet, according to these mums.

Emma Stretton, a mum-of-two from Manchester says: "With two boys, my biggest problem is battered knees.

"With a bit of Wonderweb (hemming tape) you can easily turn trousers into shorts which should do for the first few weeks back at least."

Mum-of-three and parenting blogger Fiona Naughton swears by this trick too but says there's another way to do it as well.

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Simply cut them and turn them into shorts for the summer months, and there's no sewing needed.

She says: "I’ve found the fabric on school uniforms to be hardy enough not to need a new hem."

Another mum previously shared the hack on Facebook and said it saved her from having to buy a pair of shorts just six weeks before the holidays.

"D came home from school having torn the knee of his trousers. Rather than throw them away and as the weather has brightened up, I decided to cut the bottoms off and turn them into a pair of school shorts instead," she said.

Zip to it

If awkward zips on coats or trousers are the issue, there's a solution for that too.

"If zips are starting to get stuck on coats, attach a key ring so pulling them up and down is easier," says Fiona

"If the zip goes altogether use poppers or velcro strips so they can still fasten."

You can buy iron-on velcro for cheap at Poundland.


If school jumpers are looking a bit tired and you're considering an upgrade, dye them instead of buying one new.

"You can easily dye them back to their original colour with some Dylon," says Emma, who's partnered with Little-loans.com.

"Shove them all in the washing machine with a Dylon capsule and they come out looking as good as new."

Emma says there might still be the odd pen stain but, "no one is judging you so cut yourself some slack and do some DIY.”

Shoe in

But what about scuffed and damaged school shoes? Don't even think about buying a new pair because you can fix the old for cheap.

Fiona reckons cooking oil can get your kids' shoes looking new so don't bother buying pricey shoe polish either.

"Make sure to clean shoes first then smear with oil, leave for a couple of minutes before wiping off any excess with a cloth," she explains.

"This method won’t necessarily make them shine as the oil soaks into the leather but it will help keep them in good nick. "

You can also use a black marker to cover any scuffs.

Think ahead

Buy oversized

A surefire way to ensure your kids' uniforms last the year, or even longer, is to size up when you buy them, both mums agree.

Emma says: "If you absolutely have to buy a new uniform, always size up. Our parents did it to us and it's a rite of passage, plus kids look cute in oversized stuff.

"They are only going to grow, not shrink, so buying a bigger size is a good investment and then using some of the ideas above, they should hopefully last you a couple of years."

An even cheaper way to do it is to raid the school's lost property.

"On the last day of every school year, our school has a big lost property clear out where parents can look for anything their kids have lost, or just grab a few extras," Emma explains.

"There’s absolutely no shame in it and lots of parents, myself included, take away a couple of unclaimed jumpers."

She suggests finding out if your school does the same and stock up on a few pieces to help tie you over.

Expert tips:

The money experts atMoneyTransfers.com have also shared their own savvy tips to ensure parents get the most out of kids' school clothes.

Firstly, ensure your kids change out of their school uniform as soon as they get home.

This is a great way to avoid having to buy new uniforms sooner because it will "stop their uniform from wearing out as fast," and getting dirtier quicker.

Another way to make them last longer is to wash the clothes correctly.

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"Aim for 30 degrees with your washes as this lower temperature will not only help clothes to last longer but it will cut down your energy bill too," the experts say.

"Also, only use the tumble dryer if you really need to as drying your clothes out on the line will help maintain their quality better." 

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