Inside eerie untouched abandoned funeral home found with bucket of human blood

A creepy abandoned funeral home has been unearthed – with a bucket of blood still on-site.

The horrifying discovery was made by TikTok urban explorer Gaby, 25, and her boyfriend Sonny.

She visited the site in the US at an undisclosed location.

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And it was the “chilling room”, where dead bodies are left to rest before being treated and prepared, where she found the horror find.

Speaking to, she said: "It felt especially chilling to see the porcelain embalming table in the centre of the room knowing how many deceased individuals once laid upon it."

“Additionally, a cabinet in the room contained an assortment of items used in preparing the bodies for viewing.

"This included bottles of embalming fluid, makeup for the bodies, clothing, and even eye caps which are used to keep the eyes of the deceased closed.

"We started our exploration by making our way through the funeral parlour and chapel where services for the deceased would be held.

"Interestingly, the seats were still arranged and set up to face a display casket at the front of the room.

"I had never seen an abandoned casket before and this one looked particularly eerie, with a thick coating of dust and the top slightly ajar enough just to peer inside."

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The pair also came across a small apartment which was sat above the funeral home.

The once-loved home was filled with personal belongings such as photographs, clothing, and knick knacks – Gaby thinks it was once owned by the funeral home director.

She said: "While sifting through the upstairs apartment we found what could very likely be the funeral director's walker in their kitchen, sitting in silence as a reminder of their past presence.

"I felt pure excitement while looking around this location.”

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"Exploring this funeral home was something I had really been looking forward to for a very long time.”

"I was quickly mesmerised by all the supplies left behind, in particular the embalming fluids and tools left in the embalming room."

In the video, accompanied by a haunting backing track, you first see an image of the embalming table, with a text box which reads "we found the embalming room while exploring an abandoned funeral home".

This is then followed by numerous clips of her findings, including a video of the embalming bucket swinging from side to side.

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You then see pictures of a cupboard which was still full of embalming products, Gaby wrote "this cabinet was full of so many products which were once used by the mortician, now it all rots away"

The video, which has racked up more than 145,000 views and 19,000 likes, left many viewers "nauseous" by what remained of the old funeral home.

Gaby added: "I was most surprised by the fact that the embalming room was still intact and contained an embalming table, as many abandoned funeral homes have their embalming tables removed prior to abandonment.

"It was also unexpected that the table was made of porcelain since this is typically only seen in more dated funeral homes."

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