I’m an interior design fan these are the exact measurements you should use when hanging anything on your walls | The Sun

THERE'S no better way to put your own stamp on your home than hanging up framed pictures and your favourite art.

But if you don't get the measurements exactly right it can end up looking even worse.

Alyssa Lee is an interior design fan who often shares tips and tricks on her Instagram account @happy.ever.nashville.

The DIY lover recently shared one trick that's a complete game changer for anyone wanting to spruce up their home, and the good news is it's so easy to do.

She explained: Remember this next time you hang a picture, from the floor to the middle of the picture should measure 60 inches – perfect height every time!"

According to Alyssa, if you sick to these measurements your pictures will look like a professional hung them.

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She added: "Real talk though, I am triggered by too high or too low pictures in people's homes.

"This a great rule of thumb to get your started when hanging pictures.

"Give or take a couple of inches 5ft is a general eye level height for most."

The only thing to consider is your ceiling height and the height of your frames, not to mention the height of the people who live with you.

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Some viewers pointed out that the pictures could do with being slightly higher, but agreed that it was a good rule of thumb.

One wrote: "Most people hang pictures too high. The rule I've always used to 57 inches from the floor to the middle of the picture and they always look great."

Another said: "Nothing worse than when a picture is almost on the ceiling."

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