I’m told to ‘dress my age’ because I’m a mom in my 30s – but I won’t stop wearing bralettes out | The Sun

SOME have said being a mother means toning it down, dressing conservatively, and letting yourself go.

One woman defied the outdated expectations of motherhood and she's unapologetic about it.

Cindy Zar is a digital content creator and mother-of-three in her 30s.

She took to TikTok to show viewers that she loves to show off in bralettes and daisy dukes — and she has no plans on changing anytime soon.

"Moms should dress their age," she wrote over a video of herself, mocking comments received from critics. "Act their age."

"What's my age again?" she asked in a text overlay.


I’m a mom in my 40s – I post thirst traps and refuse to dress my age

I’m a mom – people tell me to ‘dress my age,’ I won’t stop wearing crop tops

She stunned in a red, white, and blue crochet bralette with fringe detail and paired with denim short shorts.

Viewers praised Zar's youthful style in the comment section.

"I bet you're 25 years old," one fan wrote.

In another video, Zar showcased her striking looks in an earthy orange crochet dress.

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"You're too old," she wrote over a video of herself, parroting criticisms received from haters.

"You're a mom," she added. "You can't dress this way."

She turned around revealing her toned physique, on cue to Contours lyrics blaring "Watch me now!"

In the now viral video, fans offered their support in the comment section.

"Beautiful," one wrote. "Don't let anyone say different."

"I don't get it?" another wrote. "Where's the 'old mom?' Did I miss something?"

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