Emmerdale fans slam boring 50th anniversary episode as they beg for chaos

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    Emmerdale fans have slammed the "boring" 50th anniversary episode, with many asking for the promised "chaos" that was expected.

    For the 50th anniversary of the beloved ITV soap opera, which first aired five decades ago, a special episode was aired on Sunday night (October 16) to mark the monumental occasion.

    But fans were unimpressed by the lack of "chaos" that was promised for this explosive episode – which will likely unfold over the next week.

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    Taking to Twitter to fume over the lack of drama in the hour-long episode, fans of the soap were quick to criticise it.

    "Can the chaos happen now please #Emmerdale #Emmerdale50," asked one viewer.

    "So far, this episode has been pretty *meh* #emmerdale," added a second.

    A third went on to say: "#Emmerdale and a it's a flip to strictly."

    "I hate to say it but I’m feeling a little let down I was expecting a bit more. #Emmerdale50," fumed a fourth fan of the programme.

    A fifth added: "So we are only gonna see two minutes to the start of this storm tonight? #Emmerdale #Emmerdale50."

    While a sixth simply said: "Get on with it."

    This comes as the cast, crew and fans of the ITV soap celebrate an incredible five decades worth of drama.

    Originally named Emmerdale Farm, the much-loved soap first aired on television on October 16, 1972.

    All this week (w/c October 17), the soap will air explosive scenes from a huge storm that will wreak havoc with the villagers.

    The storm that began half-way through the hour-long special on Sunday night is said to leave some of the villagers' lives in the balance.

    Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson said of the storm: "It's safe to say that the village will never be the same after this. The impact this storm has on people's lives is just massive. That is our big set-piece stunt.

    "In terms of filming, it's quite unprecedented, the scale of what we are doing.

    "There are elements of the big storm week that I've not seen on a soap drama before and it's very exciting and nerve-wracking to be part of that. Hopefully it'll all be brilliant."


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