Fergie ‘made comeback’ at Meghan’s wedding with ‘signature style move’

Queen's funeral: Sarah Ferguson enters Westminster Abbey

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Sarah Ferguson, who turned 63 today, has lived many decades in the public eye with plenty of fashion opportunities. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to fashion experts to break down the Duchess of York’s style evolution.

Daena Borrowman, the PR, Social and Digital Marketing Manager at jewellerybox spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain.

She said: “Sarah Ferguson took a break from the spotlight in her post-divorce years.

“Fergie made her comeback during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s nuptials in an iconic signature style move, one glove to hand.

“It is clear that her style has changed over the years,” the expert claimed.

How has Fergie’s style changed?

Daena continued: “One would say that when going through a significant life change such as a divorce, it is only natural to change how you want to be perceived and give yourself a massive confidence boost.

“Her persona always appeared fun, sunny and positive, emphasised by her style.

“From candy-coloured shades to waist-cinching dresses, Fergie has now transitioned to a more sleek and sophisticated look.

“Embracing great tailoring and pared black, her style has become more minimalist.”

How does Fergie’s style evolution compare to the late Princess Diana’s after her own divorce?

Daena opined: “It is interesting to see the contrast in style between her and Diana who blossomed after her divorce from Charles.

“The two women both struggled in their marriages and allegedly made a secret pact to surrender their titles as royal wives at the same time together,” the expert claimed.

How did Fergie’s divorce impact her style choices?

Daena added: “Going through a divorce could have impacted her as she seems more reserved in her style.

“However, it is totally normal to organically adapt your style with time.

“Most people redefine their style as they go through life, naturally evolving as individuals.”

Fergie celebrated her 63rd birthday today, most likely at her home Royal Lodge in Windsor.

The Duchess lives there with her former husband, Prince Andrew, 62.

The couple shares two children, Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 32.

They also share two grandchildren, August Brooksbank and Sienna Mapelli Mozzi, both aged one.

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