Woman spends £10k on fillers, Botox and boob job to look like Marilyn Monroe

A woman has splashed out £10,000 in tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

Dolly Smith has had fillers and Botox in a bid to emulate the Hollywood icon.

She also had a boob job in her early 20s, enhancing her 34B-cup to a buxom 34E.

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The 28-year-old, from Bath, also dyed her natural brown hair a shade of blonde – which apparently, ‘gentlemen prefer’.

She said: “I feel that comments from men have become far more complimentary in recent years whereas in my early twenties they felt much more threatening and predatory.”

Dolly enjoys how much attention her Marilyn-inspired look gets her.

She said: “I have always felt a deep sexual energy inside me and was voted 'most likely to become a porn star' in my end of school year book.

“I adored my imaginary worlds that I would escape to with my Barbies and looked up to Marilyn Monroe as the ultimate sex symbol.”

And after honing her blonde locks, big lips and eye-popping curves, Dolly enjoys being compared to a real life doll or “bimbo”.

She said: “Bimbofication to me is a lifestyle, fetish and kink that embraces an ultra feminine sexuality that can manifest itself mentally and physically.”

While men love Dolly’s new look, it doesn’t go down as well with women.

The streetwear brand owner explained: “I do find that I am still heavily judged by women. I've been walked into deliberately, called a sl*t and a w****.

“In a society where our ancestors fought for us to have the right to vote and paved the way for women to be able to be whoever they choose to be.

“I hope my choice to become who I want to be can be celebrated as just that – my choice.”

Dolly refuses to let the criticism hold her back though.

Even though she has 1010cc breast implants – one of the largest sizes available – she wants to go even more extreme in the future.

Dolly added: “I am excited to continue growing my bust and my lips.

“I have started corset training which I hope will give me a tiny waist and I am considering rib removal surgery. My next procedure will be a Barbie nose.”


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