I tried a $22 SKIMS bodysuit dupe that is almost identical and a third of the price – don't pay just for Kardashian name | The Sun

THIS $22 SKIMS bodysuit dupe is almost identical to the Kim Kardashian brand, but it's only a third of the cost.

Fashion vlogger Jacquelyn Lauren on YouTube revealed the best dupe for the SKIMS bodysuit in a recent video.

Kim Kardashian's shapewear costs $62 a piece, but Jacquelyn spent an extra $20 on Poshmark since the one she wanted was sold out on the SKIMS site.

The $22 dupe from Amazon looked very similar to the SKIMS one before Jacquelyn tried them on, however, the Amazon bodysuit came in a darker shade of brown.

Jacquelyn also said that both of the bodysuits' straps were "very stretchy" and the stitching looked great.

There was also more sculping on the butt of the SKIMS bodysuit.

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The fashion vlogger first tried on the SKIMS bodysuit with a bra underneath.

"It looks super flattering on my boob area," she said.

However, her bra was peaking through the back on the bodysuit and it didn't do much as a piece of shapewear, rather than a regular bodysuit.

Overall she rated the bodysuit a "6.5 out of 10."

Next up was the Amazon dupe, which was "so hard to get on," Jacquelyn said.

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"We have a ton of wiggle room," she said, when pointing out how much space was left between her waist and the jeans she was wearing.

"This snatches you up," Jacquelyn said.

She added: "It pushes your boobs up perfect, the waist is snatched like I feel two sizes smaller than I was."

The YouTuber rated the dupe a "10 out of 10" and said "I would totally recommend this."

"There's not much difference from this and the SKIMS and honestly I'm sorry but $82 … I paid for the color and paid for the brand," Jacquelyn added.

The vlogger also warned people with fake nails to watch out when putting on shapewear bodysuits because you could easily break a nail.

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