‘It can be hard being clever – I get bored easily and small talk is dull’

Having brains and beauty isn't always a blessing – and OnlyFans model Candice Kloss knows this better than anyone.

Although she is not shy about stripping off in front of the camera, she is more than her big bust.

The New Yorker and Mensa member admitted having a high IQ of 135 can make her 'bored' of others easily.

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Candice said: “While my best skill is that I am able to easily connect with most people that I meet, I often get bored easily with small talk and idle interactions.

“An upside is that I love to try new things and tackle new challenges, and I can analyse situations easy, which leads to better decision making.

"But it can be tough to stick with them, as new challenges come along and attract me to them."

Along with the membership in the largest and oldest high-IQ society, the model studied psychology and economics at university which means she and others have 'great expectations' of her.

Candice explained: "I also doubt myself quite a bit and I have a greater expectations of myself, and so do others…"

This causes a lot of frustration for the sexy model as many question her unconventional career choice. “People think that my choice to become an adult entertainer is odd… if I am so smart, what am I doing on OnlyFans making content?

"Well it’s simple: I love performing, creating, interacting with people on an intimate level and of course I love the money and personal freedom it gives me."

Despite what the naysayers say, Candice does not want to change paths anytime soon – but does not rule out calling quits on pleasing her kinky clients.

She added: “In the future, if I decide to change careers, I have the drive and desire to become an entrepreneur in the financial or real estate industry… or something else altogether.

"Who knows? But right now, I can honestly say that I am HAPPY.

"This gives me a feeling of pleasure, and that’s what matters the most in my life.”

Previously, Candice shared that she asks men to take an IQ test on their first date – and 'refuses' to see 'average' men.


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