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A FORMER flight attendant has revealed the two things that passengers do on planes that really annoy them.

You may find the passengers around you irritating when flying, but the cabin crew have to deal with a plane full of those people.

Inevitably, there are things that passengers do that make the flight attendants' lives much harder.

One former cabin crew member has explained why they hate people doing certain things on flights and why it can make their job much harder.

Firstly, flight attendants hate it when passengers stretch out into the aisle.

Taller people often book the aisle seats for that very purpose, with legroom in economy class in short supply.

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However, ex flight attendant Madeline Forsyth told Narcity that it can be a painful experience for passengers.

She said: "I get it… flights are long and there isn't much legroom. It can be tempting to rest your leg or arm in the aisle, but this could be incredibly dangerous and painful.

"Not only can crew members and other passengers trip over you, but it's also hard for the flight attendants to see over the food and drink carts, so you could risk getting hit by one of these heavy trollies."

Her advice for any passengers who need to have a stretch is to get up between services and take a stroll up and down the plane aisle.

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Secondly, Madeline revealed that passengers who hang out in the galley are doing the flight crew no favours.

The galley is probably the biggest open space available on the plane.

However, passengers who congregate there risk getting in the way of their flight attendants, who store most of the items they need in the galley's cupboards and drawers.

Madeline said: "It's okay to stand up and stretch, especially during long flights, but if you're loitering in the galley area for long periods of time, it will make things difficult for the flight attendants."

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