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WE'RE all looking for different ways to keep warm without resorting to turning our heating on.

People often turn to alcohol to make their bodies feel warmer, but that's actually one of the worst things you can do, personal trainer and nutritionist Toby King explained.

"While many of us may not have much to celebrate this year, alcohol is often the drink of choice during winter months," he said.

"While alcohol can make you think you are warmer it has the opposite effect.

"Alcohol causes your blood vessels below your skin to open up, this takes blood away from the core of your body and makes you colder."

Instead, why not try a drink containing ginger?

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Studies have shown that the spice can help raise your core body temperature.

Chai tea often contains ginger, or you could make your own ginger tea at home.

If you do have to turn the heating on, there are a few things you can do to make it more effective in your home.

"Once you have turned your heating on check each radiator in your home, if you feel any cool spots it indicates there is air or gas trapped inside it,"  Scott Evans, owner of Pink Storage, explained.

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"This gas will need to be removed to improve the efficiency of your radiators."

To do this, switch off your heating and bleed your radiators with a radiator key – if you don't have one, you can easily pick them up from a hardware shop.

"You will need a towel and a bowl to bleed your radiators and you will know when your radiators are done when water starts spilling out of them," Scott explained.

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"Do this for all of your radiators and your system will now use energy more efficiently."

It's important that after you've bled your radiators, you adjust the system pressure – the correct pressure for your boiler can be found in the user manual.

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