Nutritionist shares her favourite 'diet' to follow

Nutritionist shares her favourite ‘diet’ to follow that guarantees you will lose weight – and it might surprise you

  • Nutritionist Sally O’Neil has revealed the perfect ‘diet’ to lose weight 
  • She says people should aim for a calorie deficit and watch three other things
  • They should have high protein, high fibre and very low ultra processed foods

A nutritionist has revealed the exact diet plan you should be following to lose weight and it has nothing to do with keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, low sugar or vegan trends.

Speaking to her 91,000 followers on Instagram Sally O’Neil explained the diet that works best for everyone contains four common components.

And the key to success, as many are aware, lies solely in the calories coming in remaining less than the calories going out.

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Sally O’Neil has revealed it doesn’t matter ‘which diet you follow’ as long as they are high protein, high fibre and low ultra processed and there are less calories going in than out

‘There is no significant difference in fat loss between any diet at all as long as you are hypocaloric,’ she said.

‘There are certain diet factors that influence how hungry you are, what your energy expenditure is, how satiated you feel.’

People should be minimising ultra processed foods, increasing protein and increasing fibre for best results, she explained in the Instagram reel.

The exasperated nutritionist said people would have ‘no idea’ how often people hounded her for the ‘perfect’ weight loss diet.

When in reality it ‘all comes down to science’.

 The first tip is to minimise ultra processed food which ‘make you eat more’.

‘They are not satiating, there’s barely any fibre,’ she explained.

‘There’s very little micronutrients and most of the time they don’t fill you up.’ 

 The second thing she recommends is to ‘increase protein intake’.

‘Having a high volume of protein in your diet is really helpful because it has a high thermic effect,’ she said.

The nutritionist is constantly asked to offer her opinion on different diet trends 

This means it is very satiating, and makes you feel full. it also helps to preserve muscle when you have a calorie deficit.

‘Nobody ever said omg last night I binged on ten steaks,’ she joked.

The third is increased fibre, which she says is ‘super important’ for weight loss. 

‘It helps reduce the munchies,’ she said.

‘And as a bonus it actually helps with your gut micro,’ she added. 

The key thing to understand is that you have to burn more calories than you consume, she said

‘It doesn’t actually matter what diet you take, just focus on these three things and make sure you calories in are less than your calories out,’ she said.

And her followers were impressed – thanking her for the informative reel.

‘So simple, right? We need to stop listening to the white noise and get back to basics,’ one woman said.

‘Sensible and sound advice as always,’ said another. 

‘Thank you for breaking this down – so easy to understand,’ added a third.

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