Jessica Frances Dukes, Alastair Mackenzie, Debi Mazar Join ‘Object Permanence’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Scottish actor Alastair Mackenzie, recently spotted in “The Crown” and “Andor,” Jessica Frances Dukes and Debi Mazar have been added to the cast of Filip Jan Rymsza’s feature film “Object Permanence.”

They join previously announced star Millie Brady, who plays Brooke Brooks: a former supermodel who becomes a successful lifestyle mogul and is the first person to IPO herself.

Production is currently underway in Poland and will continue in Thailand and Germany. “Apples” DoP Bartosz Świniarski is lensing the film.

Set in the near future, “Object Permanence” is produced by Friends with Benefits Studio, with co-financing by the Polish Film Institute. Marta Lewandowska and Rymsza – the latter also behind “Mosquito State” – are producing, while CAA is handling North American sales.

“Filip’s script is an inspired study of the perils of celebrity and the conflictual relationships that exist within the system built up around it,” says Mackenzie, opening up about his role as Barry, Brooke’s longtime manager.

“[He] must protect his friend and client whilst also having an acute eye on safeguarding her currency as the first publicly owned global superstar.”

“Ozark” alumni Dukes, who portrays TV personality Diana Westwood, is also “excited” to explore “the ideas of self, identity, and privacy in our very public world,” while Mazar praises the up-and-coming director.

“He is a detail fanatic,” she tells Variety from her home in Florence.

“I didn’t know his previous work but when we met, I was impressed. This script is very honest about what is happening now with social media and this celebrity-worship culture that quite disgusts me. It shows how toxic it can be. I can’t wait to see what he does with the movie and hope to work with him again.”

The “Younger” star will be heading to Spain to shoot Netflix’s “Kaos” next (“Great writing, crazy storylines, very big production,” she says). In Rymsza’s film, she will play a journalist, Cassandra, trying to get to the truth.

“She is a bit self-serving, but she is also trying to unlock this girl who is a bit unhinged. Millie is fantastic [in the film], her emotions are at the top of her skin. It was magical to watch her being so open, vulnerable and broken,” she adds.

“My role is a cameo but Shelley Winters used to say: ‘No part too small.’ I’ve always believed that. I’ve always believed in finding the truth in the character and having some fun as an actor. I have never been to Poland before and when I read the script, I was intrigued.”

“House of Gucci’s” Vincent Riotta, Johanna Wokalek and Polish actor Andrzej Chyra also star, as well as Jim Caesar, Luisa-Celine Gaffron, Marianna Zydek, Weronika Rosati, Ola Rudnicka and Maddie Kulicka.

“I fell in love with this story immediately,” says producer Marta Lewandowska.

“The further we are going, the more excited I feel about the whole process. It’s a great opportunity to blend the best Polish talent with an international cast and make a Polish production that could reach both festivals and a wider audience.”

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